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WildHeart Animal Rescue

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56372 Paseo La Ninas
Yucca Valley, CA  92284



This state of the heart operation,
which some day we hope will be a state of the art facility,
is run strictly by private donations.
With your help we are able to provide food, housing and medical care
for these animals.

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We are long time Bullmastiff breeders and started out rescuing only
Bullmastiffs as a way to give back something to this breed that we love
so much.  We take in Bullmastiffs from shelters, pounds, and private owners
who can no longer keep them. They are kept here a minimum of thirty
days to evaluate their temperament and health, though the average is
closer to four months.  We try to match each Bullmastiff that comes in to a
new home in hopes that they will never have to go through the trauma of
losing their family again. Some come in too old to place and they spend the
remainder of their lives here with us. For those that are adoptable, we ask for
a donation to help defray the costs of spaying or neutering, bringing their
vaccinations up to date, and bailing them out of shelters.
At this time all rescues are kept here in our home. We hope sometime in the
future to have a separate facility to be able to house them in until they are 
adopted.  We are very grateful for the small circle of volunteers who have
helped us by going to shelters, transporting dogs to us,
           and for the donations of money, bedding, treats and food.          

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We take in companion animals that in this area have no other rescue facility
available to them.  All of the animals that come to the Farm spend the
rest of their lives here where we can provide for their comfort and security.
We have taken in box turtles, tortoises, rats, rabbits, chickens,
geese, turkeys, ducks, pigeons, doves, goats, a pet squirrels,
potbellied pigs, sheep, donkeys, llamas and even gold fish. We have taken in
abandoned animals as well as animals who’s owners have been arrested.
We have had animals brought to us when their owners were found dead and
there were no relatives willing or able to be responsible for them. We had
a local vet call us when they found a rabbit on their doorstep because the
owner couldn't afford the care that it needed. We had another vet bring us
a three legged goat that he just could’t bear to put to sleep when it came in
horribly injured but then didn’t know what to do with it when it was healed.
A third vet asked us to take a young lamb that had been attacked by a dog
and needed a great deal of aftercare (and bottle feeding).
We have even purchased animals that we found in bad circumstances
and couldn’t get any other way.

By 1998 we had grown to over 125 animals. The financial strain grew so great
that we filed for and received non-profit status which enabled us to accept
donations that may be tax deductible. Donors may specify how they would like
their donation used, for Bullmastiffs, The Farm, or the building fund. We also
accept donations to plant a tree in memory of a lost pet.

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